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    About 56 Cutz

    56 Cutz 4th Generation Butchers

    Jayson and Stephanie Faddis are a brother and sister team and 4th generation butchers. They have worked for their father’s meat shop for years and are now venturing into the world of online sales, featuring the same high-quality meats and poultry. All products are processed locally at the Main Street Quality Meats plant.

    Stephanie grew up in the family meat business. As a young girl you could find her in the chicken room trimming chicken alongside her father or making deliveries. Stephanie officially started with MSQM in 2003 after graduating from college with a degree in Business Management. She has worn many hats within MSQM family business. She learned all of the ins and outs of the meat business while growing in her administrative skills. Stephanie is now Head of HR and Accounts Payable. In her personal life Stephanie is a proud wife and mother of two.

    Jayson started at MSQM at the ripe age of thirteen. He worked alongside his Grandpa Ken as his lumper unloading trucks. Jayson could always be found with his grandpa, sitting shotgun and making deliveries. As Jayson grew up he was officially hired in 2003 and his roles changed from running the patty machine to cutting steaks, elbow-to-elbow with his dad. He now manages the meat cutters and is in charge of purchasing. In his personal life Jayson is a loving husband and father of two.

    56 Cutz features the highest quality meats (locally sourced when possible) consistently cut and trimmed to perfection by Main Street Quality Meats. Our products are all natural and anti-biotic free.

    Main Street Quality Meats is S.Q.F. (Safe Quality Food) certified. This is achieved through a voluntary inspection program that goes far and beyond our U.S.D.A F.S.I.S. inspection. We are one of the very few meat processors to obtain S.Q.F. certification to guarantee food safety. We are also the only small meat processor in the area to be certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

    We have an unparalleled dedication to quality meats and customer service. We look forward to being your favorite butcher shop!

    56 Cutz Meat Boxes and Meat Delivery Service Partners 56 Cutz Meat Boxes and Meat Delivery Service Partners
    56 Cutz Meat Boxes and Meat Delivery Service Partners